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Spearhead Cruise

The full Spearhead cruise saga (there is a lot of reading and I still hope to add more pictures) should come up at and if anyone wants statistics on the boat herself then they should look at

Ian Wallace


Achilles 9m Sail Numbers

I have now created a link to a list of Achilles 9m.  Click here to view this file.  It is based largely on information supplied by Ian Wallace to whom I am very grateful.  If there are errors or ommissions please let me know.


Mumbles Yacht Club 75th Anniversary 1&2 June 2013

What a fantastic weekend!  Great sailing, great wind, great hosts.  Disappointing turnout.

Achilles boats present on 1 June

Klipspringer from Burry Port A24 TK 584 owner Norman Anthony

Optimist from Mumbles A24 TK ? owners Alyson Dacey & Paul Nicholson

Shamal from Portishead A24 TK 411 owners Louis Stephens & Ed Moseley

Archimedes from Mumbles A24 TK 232 owner Richard Woffenden

Spirit of Eireann from Cardiff YC 9m fin ? owner Kerry Douglas

In addition to the above the following owners made the trip:

Breizh from Rudders Yard, Neyland, A24 TK 511, owner Jeff Ace

Amrum from Thornbury, 840 TK 9171Y, owner Rob Hudson  (made it to Swansea)

Super Snoopy from Usk, 9m fin, 50, owners Alan & Rhys Jones

Mingming II from Burham on Crouch, A24 TK owner Roger Taylor

Blue from the Fal, A24 Fin owners Rod and Andy Holliman

Thanks to you all for coming!

Achilles Shamal, Klipspringer and Archimedes doing what Achilles do best

Roger Taylor gave a splendid presentation about his voyages of 20000miles and his work on his new boat an Achilles 24 (Mingming II).  

It was fantastic to have Chris Butler present  and able to talk to owners about their boats.

On Sunday 2 June  just two Achilles were left, Optimist and Klipspringer to set off an a Gower cruise.  Managed to get to Pwll Du in very favourable conditions.

Lots of photographs on the Mumbles YC web site.

Roger Taylor giving his presentation

Chris Butler and Roger Taylor