Achilles Sailing Yachts built by Butler Mouldings
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Yacht types

LOA  30ft  9.14m
Beam 9ft  2.74m
LWL  25ft 6ins 7.77m
Draft  5ft 6ins 1.68m
Sail Area
No 1 (150%) 303.7 sq ft 28.2 sq m
No 2 (130%) 273.3 sq ft 25.4 sq m
No 3 (100%) 202.4 sq ft 18.8 sq m
Main   161.7 sq ft 15 sq m
Spinnaker  728.8 sq ft 67.7 sq m
Theoretical hull speed 6.81 knots
First built 1975
Last built approx 1984
Approximately 100 were built
Diasplacement 7000lbs   3175kilos
Achilles 9m Basic Details
Achilles 9m brochure
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Brochure  1977
Kits  1978
Price List Jul  1979