Achilles Sailing Yachts built by Butler Mouldings
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Achilles 24 ‘Rose Isle’

I’m selling Rose Isle, an Achilles 24 I acquired three years ago on freecycle (yes!). She needed a hull repair and other bits and bobs, but my fantasy was that I’d  finish work and take a gap year out to have her repaired and go live a Mamma Mia life (for a little while at least) in the eastern Med. Life has not quite worked out like that. Instead, my job has got bigger and busier, and this won’t be changing in the foreseeable future. So regretfully (and since my husband says so) we’re going to pass her on. The hull has been professionally repaired but the stanchions still need work. She’s been put up in my barn since I’ve had her, so is clean and dry. In the spirit of passing forward, I would just like back what I’ve spent on her - £1000 - but she has to go.  (There is no engine or trailer).

Contact details below.

Sue Pritchard

tel: 07966 470683 | 01291 690200